For the NFL, Times Have Changed

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NFL 2013: a strange world.  Where targeting penalties are a dime a dozen, kickoffs were moved forward to prevent collisions (yes, prevent collisions IN FOOTBALL), and players consume more cortisone and IV fluids during halftime than they do Gatorade.

Here’s a picture of Len Dawson during halftime of Super Bowl I.  Yep, Len’s sucking down a quick cig and enjoying an ice cold Fresca before the start of the second half.  Len, you were a boss.  Tom Brady needs to take off his Ugg Boots and take notes.

Oh, how times have changed.

It’s no surprise Len was a babe magnet.

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Get with Jennifer Aniston: Do Yoga

Jennifer Aniston is 44, and she looks damn good.

She plays a stripper in her latest movie because she’s so fine.

Aniston attributes her rockin’ body to yoga, and we could all use a little more flexibility in our lives.

Yoga isn’t just for sexy women.

The best and longest tenured players athletes across professional sports use yoga to compliment their strength training.

The best receiver in the NFL practices yoga on a regular basis.

If Calvin Johnson and Jennifer Aniston are doing yoga, you bet your ass you should be doing it too.

Yoga is a fancy word for stretching.

Yoga shouldn’t be intimidating. If you lift hard, you better stretch hard too. Doing yoga opens up your hips and makes you an explosive athlete. It also shows you’re man enough to try something new.

Get started.

1. Take a class.

If you’ve got a problem with meeting fit women, don’t go. If you want to develop sound fundamentals and challenge yourself, make an appearance.

2. Practice at home.

It only takes a few minutes to get benefits from stretching. Make it a part of your morning routine.

3. Save your body.

Yoga loosens up your body and relaxes your mind. Super star athletes and babes do it. It negates the 40 hours a week you spend sitting at a desk, and it gives you a reason to meet fit women.

Aniston even practices yoga with her husband–lucky guy.

There is no reason you shouldn’t be incorporating yoga into your workout regimen. If you’re ready to start, give this video a try.

Beyond Hoops, Lebron James Keeps Winning

Oh, what a difference three years can make.  When Lebron left Cleveland, just three years ago, he was one of the most impossible professional athletes to respect.  Not only did he publicize his “Decision” to sign with the Miami Heat like a fourth grader showing off their art project, he lacked self-confidence, was a traitor to his hometown, and was still ring-less.  In January 2010, Lebron’s Q score (which is a measure of public popularity) proved that his approval rating was hovering around 14%.  Nobody really liked Lebron.  He was lost in Michael Jordan’s illustrious shadow, yet donned his number “23” like he deserved the right to be considered one of the best yet.

Yesterday I saw this new Nike commercial with Lebron James, and thought to myself, damn, I love this guy.  I’m not the only one.  A 2013 ESPN poll noted Lebron as the most popular player in the NBA right now.  Why the change? Over the past three years, Lebron has won over the hearts of many fans, and here’s why:

1) He started wearing #6- After Lebron’s seven year tenure with the number 23 he decided to become his own man.  Ever since Lebron was in high school, the sports world was super horny about him becoming the next Michael Jordan.  Deep down, I think Lebron probably wanted to walk in his footsteps, too.  When he ditched number 23 for 6, he finally understood the importance of creating his own legacy.

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

2) He apologized the right way- Some athletes really suck at apologizing (see Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, or Lance Armstrong).  Bottom line, fans what to see star athletes speak candidly.  They don’t want to hear a manufactured, I’m-really-not-that-bad, apology that was probably written by a PR professional.  They want to see self-deprecation.  Look at a guy like Andy Pettitte.  You probably don’t even remember his steroid use, do you?  That’s because he was candid about the problem.  He faced the national media himself, looked us all in the eye, admitted he was an idiot, and moved on.  Lebron did the same thing.  He laughed at the 2010 production of “The Decision,” and admitted that it was over-the-top.

3) He is faithful to his wife and kids- When you’re a superstar athlete, there is temptation everywhere.  Lebron has remained loyal to his long-time girlfriend, even though his celebrity status probably allows him to “play” women like Derek Jeter.  They were recently married in private, unlike Kris Humphris and Kim Kardasian.  When he’s away from basketball he’s a family man.  He’s proud of his kids, and understands his role as their father.

4) He has stayed out of trouble-  Think about it.  People are breathing down this guy’s back constantly.  Everyone is watching him.  See if you can come up with one situation where Lebron has had issues with the law?  It’s like the guy lives on the moon, and nobody can get to him and bring him down.  He knows better.  He understands what the consequences will be if he screws up, even a little.

5) He put in the work- No one ever questioned the fact that Lebron James was a freak athlete.  Hell, he’s probably been the best athlete in the world for the past ten years.  But when he humbled up and decided to develop some of his weaker skills, a snowstorm became a blizzard.  He’s never been satisfied with his game, even after gold medals, MVPs, and NBA Championships.  There is always something he is trying to improve.  He’s not a baby anymore.  He’s a basketball junkie with a high IQ, and he’s willing to learn from greats like Hakeem Olajuwon to further evolve his game.

6) He made the United States proud- Team USA basketball was pretty embarrassing in the years prior to Lebron James.  Lebron has been our savior in the past two Olympic Games, leading the team to Gold Medals in each.  Most importantly, it was evident that Lebron wasn’t just there because he had to be.  He played with fire.  He worked his ass off, and made us all cheer for him.


7) He lets us in on his life- One thing that’s refreshing about Lebron compared to guys like Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Tiger Woods is his willingness to let us see who he really is.  He uses social media the right way, makes public appearances, and he understands his responsibility to maintain the face of basketball.  It’s cool to see a basketball player wearing a football uniform.  It’s honorable to see a man speak from his heart at the ESPY’s, like any other human being.  Most importantly, it’s refreshing to see a guy that understands his place as a role model for people that look up to him.  I don’t know if this is something I could have said three years ago.

8) He started winning- Above all else, Lebron has proven himself over the past three years to the tune of 2 Gold Medals, 2 World Championships, 2 League MVPs, 2 Finals MVPs.   He used his failure and public disdain as motivation to become more mature.  He’s a winner now, but he’s a pretty good human being, too.  Maybe he can sit down with Richie Incognito for a few minutes.

With all this being said, Lebron’s just needs to enter the dunk contest now.

Oregon Football Reminds Us To Be Different


A good reminder from the Oregon Football program about the importance of adapting.  If you want to succeed, you can’t be too afraid to leave your comfort zone and be different.

Make every day a little bit different.  Find the courage to leave your comfort zone at least once every day.  Be bold.

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Oregon spent years being average.  Until Joey Harrington came along, they endured about a 50 year time-span where they failed to win a bowl game.  College football is so rich with tradition, that big-time programs are often too afraid to change.  Dormancy leads to mediocrity.  Oregon has this figured out.  Their “tradition” is largely their adaptability.   As a result, they are one of the most attractive programs in the country right now.

A little extra cash from Nike doesn’t hurt either.

Image Case Study: 50 Cent vs. Savage

Image matters.

The way you look, the way you act, and the people you surround yourself with speak volumes about you as an individual.

You haven’t heard of Savage? It’s because he’s overweight and a one hit wonder.

Swing is hot. Everyone gets down to that song on the dance floor. Then you see the music video. There is a reason he’s a one hit wonder. He does not invest in himself or his entourage.

Now look at Fifty.

He is ripped, and he associates with winners.  You can find 50 in da club because he’s got mentors. Eminem and Dr. Dre back him, and he surrounds himself with sexy women.

The entire premise of the video shows why he succeeds and Savage does not. 50 Cent works. He puts the time in at the gym and the studio, and he earns his party time at the club .

Savage has a pool party with chunky friends and women who the camera guys are afraid to show close up.



1. Get Fit.

You discount your reputation when you don’t take care of yourself. You don’t have to be cut up like 50 Cent, but you shouldn’t be testing the weight limit on roller coasters either.

2. Find a mentor.

Find someone who you admire and follow their lead. 50 Cent could not produce a video with 170 MILLION views on his own. Get advice and learn from rock stars in your field.

3. Choose your friends wisely.


SwingVid-32The people you roll with impact your image. Look at 50’s crew compared to Savage’s. Who works more? Who spends more time cultivating their brand?

4. Don’t wear plaid shorts.

They look bad, especially if you’re over 300 pounds.

5.  Hustle.

Fifty got shot 9 times  as he ascended from drug dealer to the rapper and entrepreneur he is now. Do what it takes to succeed.  Don’t let anything stop you.

Want to Kick Ass Today? Make Your Freakin’ Bed

Disclaimer: I forgot to make my bed this morning.

Last week we talked about the importance of giving yourself ten minutes to relax and have a cold glass of water every morning.  With sheer laziness, distractions, and time wasters, sometimes we completely screw ourselves in the morning!  If you want to “win the day” you have to win the first hour that you’re awake.

When I was just a little dude, my mom would constantly ride me about making my bed.  Just about the time I was balls deep in my Froot Loops, she would always come around the corner and hit me with those three terrible words.  “MAKE YOUR BED!”

Little did I know, my mom was actually on to something.  A recent study of nearly 70,000 people showed that about 59 percent of us avoid making our bed in the morning.  But wait, here’s the crazy part: 71 percent of those that make their bed every morning consider themselves happy, while 62 percent of those that don’t consider themselves more frequently unhappy.  Those that made their bed are also more likely to own a house, workout, find happiness at their job, and they often feel more rested after their night’s sleep.  Stats can be kind of quirky sometimes, but I think this one might be on to something.

Success can be broken down into tangible pieces.  If you want to become more successful, you often need to simplify.  You don’t need to be Betty Draper to make your bed in under two minutes.  I don’t know if there is a more simple/tangible way to set yourself up for a disciplined day.  Here’s what else you have to gain:

  • You’ve taken control of the day.  You’ve proven that you’re above the usual, Oregon-Hurry-Up-Offense, rush that is so often associated with mornings.  You’re beating the morning, instead of letting it conquer you.
cool bed

Your room probably isn’t this cool, but you can still make your bed every morning

  • The sheer satisfaction gained by actually completing a task, immediately after you wake up, might be all the momentum you need to set the tone for a successful day.  You have become psychologically balanced, and your discipline will likely spill over into other areas of your life.
  • When you return home from work, school, or practice and see that your bed is made, it will remind you of your discipline.  You will feel accomplished and motivated.
  • Your habitat will instantly become more manageable.  Also, you can use the flat surface to set out important items that you need to remember, in spot where you can see them more easily.  Kind of like this hoss…


  • Chicks dig a made bed, man.  It’s not over-the-top.  It doesn’t suggest that you’re Christian Bale in American Psycho, but it shows that you’re a disciplined, well put together, kind of guy.

If you’re still lost, see the above video, where an extremely attractive women will teach you how to make your bed like a boss.

Attack Life Like Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman wants the football, and he takes it. It’s simple. He does not ask for it. He punches it away from the receivers and gives it to the offense.

Learn a little something from the man who has the Chicago Bears at a +7 turnover ratio.

1. Don’t wait for anyone to hand it to you.

Once in a while, a ball might fall into your hands if a receiver like Niles Paul is carrying it, but most of the time, the defense makes it happen.

Be proactive in everything you do. Set goals. Make a game plan. Do something that moves the ball forward.

2. Work.

The best don’t get to the top without sweat and tears. Tillman didn’t wake up one day and magically become a turnover machine. He spent hours practicing the “peanut punch,” and he’s known for it. Find something that is worth working for and chase it.

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3. Fail at Full Speed.

Tillman doesn’t cause a fumble on every play. Even juiced-up Barry Bonds didn’t hit a homerun in every at-bat. You’re going to make wrong decisions. BUT mistakes should not happen because of a lack of preparation and effort. Mistakes should be from circumstances outside your control. If you’re attacking a goal and you don’t reach it, evaluate your failure and modify your process. Failures are opportunities for growth.

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4. Grow a pair.

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Big bonuses and hot dates go to the courageous few who have the guts and the confidence to play the game. Create opportunities for yourself by asking for them. Ask the big dog to coffee. Make the first move. The worst answer you can possibly get is no. Don’t leave a door closed because you were too scared to open it.

5. Make it happen.

Be the guy who plans the tail gate. Be the guy who calls first. Be the guy who organizes the flag football team. Be THAT guy because you are improving your quality of life. Maintaining strong relationships takes time and effort, and someone has to initiate the conversation. It might as well be you.

Don’t settle for second best. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t watch life go past you. As Tim Riggins would say, “No Regrets.”